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Tolki - Animal Kingdoms EN

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This interactive book will guide you thematically through eight different environments on our planet. viac o produkte

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Popis Tolki - Animal Kingdoms EN

This interactive book will guide you thematically through eight different environments on our planet, such as forest, savannah, desert, sea, and more. On each page, you will learn what animals live in each respective environment, what their names are, what sounds they make, and what makes them interesting.

You can then test your knowledge with fun quizzes, which are always divided into three categories: find an animal by its name, find an animal by the sound that it makes and find an animal by some interesting fact that you have just learnt. 

Contents: over 900 sounds and texts on 16 interactive pages.


Kód produktu 17309
EAN 9788088403555
Katalógové číslo QHA
Vek 5+


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